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Excalibur Data Systems strives to provide a top-tier customer experience. Our expert consultants have pulled together some of the top IT questions and answered them below. Have more questions? Reach out to us at


Total Cost of Ownership

Are you frustrated by the hidden cost that affects your Total Cost of Ownership with your current platform?

A significant factor to consider when choosing an ITSM/ESM solution for your organization is the long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). Several factors can contribute to a ballooning annual price for your current solution. It is essential to ask the tough questions of any provider before making your decision on a solution for your organization. Examine factors such as the licensing model of the product:  

  • Does the product use named or concurrent licensing?  

  • What features are included with a license? 

  • What features require additional cost to use?  

  • Will you need resources with a particular skill set? i.e., specialized programming skills 

These are a few of the factors that play into a solution’s TCO. 

A modern, cost-effective solution that leverages no code/low code architecture. A flexible and all-inclusive licensing model will have a significant impact on your TCO. Excalibur Data Systems helps customers make informed decisions on the right mix of technologies that will bring the most value to your organization.  


How can I use my ITSM platform to automate some of our workloads?

All modern ITSM platforms have varying automation capabilities. i.e., email, reporting, recurring tasks, notifications, orchestrations, and many others. The more flexibility provided by your platform, the more opportunity to automate and create greater efficiency.  

A critical component is the process itself. Often processes are structured in a way that may not be suitable to automate. The marriage between process workflow and technology is a critical element of achieving a higher level of efficiency. Continual service improvement (CSI) ensures that you are maximizing value and identifying opportunities to better automate workflow by reviewing and revising your processes. Excalibur can guide you through your CSI efforts and help you find ways to get the most out of your platform.  


Enterprise Service Management

How important is buying an ESM Platform vs. an ITSM platform? 

ITSM, or IT Service Management, is specifically intended to enhance the way organizations approach, deliver, and manage IT services. ESM, or Enterprise Service Management, applies similar service management practices and goals to a broader contingent of business service areas, including IT.   

The practical benefits to adopting a broader enterprise service management strategy are many: process efficiency, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a “single pane of glass” for multiple departments and teams. But ESM is more significant than that.  It also helps clarify end goals and corporate needs when evaluating the approach to individual services, providing the opportunity for smarter decisions about future growth. Our team of experts can help your organization transition to becoming a service delivery organization and applying the proper principles to all aspects of your business.

Total Cost of Ownership

What is a platform?

What is the difference between a tool and a platform? 

Familiar software tools, like Microsoft Word, are purpose-built and designed to fulfill a specific set of requirements.  Typically, easy to learn and deploy, these tools can rapidly impact your business. The trade-off, of course, is limited flexibility and configurability.  

In contrast, a platform is software that has an integrated ecosystem of available resources and possibilities. The value proposition and capacity for growth not only comes from its robust feature set but the ability to connect external tools, teams, data, and processes.  A platform solution will give your organization the most flexibility, removing the constraints of specific software tools. A properly designed and implemented platform can grow as your organization evolves. Excalibur Data Systems can help you determine the right solution to achieve your current goals and prepare for the future.  



Why do I care about ITIL, COBIT, or any “framework” for that matter?  

ITIL or COBIT, for example, are frameworks of best practices for structuring IT services delivery.  It is essential to leverage frameworks to gain insight and validation concerning service structure, workflow, and process efficiency. A framework sets the tone for the method, and no two organizations have the same take how a framework properly fits their needs. Excalibur Data Systems can guide you in determining your organization’s approach to service delivery and the processes that will elevate your capabilities. 

Organizational Maturity 

Will buying ESM be better than buying purpose-built software?

Purpose-built software is designed to fulfill a specific role and typically delivers a feature-rich experience in addressing specific organizational needs.  

The decision to purchase an ESM vs. a purpose-built solution depends on your organizational maturity.  Companies seeking a simple solution to address underdeveloped process areas may find an ESM solution more than sufficient. In contrast, organizations with a higher maturity level may have a broader and more complex set of requirements that dictate a purpose-built solution.


Overall costs are an essential consideration. Gartner's research has shown that ESM solutions, while not yet at a level equivalent to their purpose-built counterparts, may have competitive price points. Excalibur Data Systems can work with your organization to help you choose the best, most cost-effective, and value-driven solutions for your organization.  

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