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Success Across Verticals

Since our founding in 1998, Excalibur has provided a high level of service that has allowed our clients to achieve success through the strategic use of Information Technology Solutions. By helping you harness the power of your data, our consultants can help transform your business to be more agile, responsive, and future-proof.

At Excalibur Data Systems, our goal is to help our customers improve, align and automate their IT and business operations. Ask what we can do for you!

Excalibur Data Systems has seen success across verticals, including but not limited to healthcare, higher education, MSP, Utility/Energy, Law, Government, Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Technology, and many more.

From process workshops and design, to system architecture, we have experience implementing in just about every vertical and bring that broad experience to bear in each engagement. With proven success across North America, we want to help you.


The positive business impact of implementing and building a small in-house service desk team can help improve any healthcare system. Excalibur Data Systems was able to help industry leaders in the healthcare space in quick and easy workflow automation capabilities creating a significant time savings for a lean team. In addition to real-time visibility enabling a quicker issue resolution and response time. Lean methodologies and ITSM best practices supported a culture of continuous improvement and allowed for creation of a single, centralized platform to drive efficient and productivity.


The Utility and energy industry have achieved high performance in their IT strategy by accessing, sharing and using timely information. Excalibur Data Systems could help transform your business by optimizing technology by allowing people to access and manage real-time information. Learn how we can help your business achieve goals with reassured success.

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers have seen success from switching from their current solution in increasing revenue without increasing cost. By increasing automation and consolidating multiple disparate systems into one single system, Others have had success with Trusted Advisors such as Excalibur Data Systems., deployment dates of licenses as well as workshops sessions can help you make the change.

Higher education

Higher education has made long strides in improving customer experience for users served by the IT department, this includes the faculty, staff and students. After applying effective ITSM strategies, customer’s ability to self-service, increase their knowledge base, and data availability, increased productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Employees have been able to rely less on the help desk itself and more on the services the help desk provides.

Law Firms

Excalibur Data Systems can help your law firm best leverage your work product, share knowledge and collaborate with clients. In addition to these positive impacts, we can transform the way your business tracks, stores, and searches for information. Find out more by contacting Excalibur Data Systems.


Excalibur Data Systems has helped government agencies in cost reduction by helping in day to day operations. There has been success in value driven processes while understanding the specific business needs of each agency. Excalibur Data Systems can implement an assured system in allowing your agency to optimize your needs and wants from an enterprise service management system.


Excalibur Data Systems can help your hospitality business improve team efficiency by introducing a new self-service portal supported by a service catalog. Other companies have seen higher resolution of tickets, quick implementation of ITIL best practices, rapid delivery of new capabilities and workflows, as well as simplified administration and management.

Financial services

Financial institutions have solved business problems and reduced the complexity of their current system. The separation of content and platform makes upgrades easy, which is exactly what you need in the financial institution space. Reevaluate and simplify with an integration from Excalibur Data Systems.


Excalibur Data Systems can assist your retail business in ticket reduction and fast turnaround times. Our consults are equipped to turn things around quickly and account for multiple regional service desk operations. The impact of creating a self-service offering for your retail business can help account for new tickers as well as regional service desks. Swift and flexible configuration into implementation will help achieve your business goals.


Excalibur Data Systems can help your technology company in managing customer information in a more controlled format. Additionally, multiple dashboards can enable your team to quickly and efficiently access customer specific information. The modern offerings of multi-dimensional reporting can bring light to your business users. Your integration will see success in creating individual self-service portals specific to the needs and IT maturity you so desperately need. Assess your purposes here at Excalibur Data Systems.


Leaders in manufacturing need to accommodate for their current and future needs, by placing your functional requirements first, Excalibur Data Systems can help in your unique needs and speed of implementation. Many companies have seen successes in end user portal, as well in self-service. In addition, increased automation will help even the largest of companies complete their business goals.

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