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Announcement: HaloITSM ChatGPT Integration

HaloITSM ChatGPT Integration

The seamless integration between HaloITSM and ChatGPT comes with several built-in use cases that are easily customizable and can be extended further using Integration Runbooks. Example use cases include:

Using ChatGPT to Improve Agent Notes and Emails

In the configuration for an action, you can instruct ChatGPT to ‘Improve Agent Note’ based on instructions you write. ChatGPT will then review the spelling and grammar of your agent’s emails, making corrections where necessary. ChatGPT can even re-write the email to sound more polite, thanks to its built-in sentiment analysis capabilities. This updated email will be shown on the Email Preview screen before the email is sent to the end-user.

Using ChatGPT to Write Responses to End-Users

In addition to improving your agent’s responses, ChatGPT can also generate responses itself. To do this, all you need to do is create an action set the ChatGPT operation to ‘Generate User Response” and then write some instructions on how ChatGPT should behave in the system message field. When using this action, ChatGPT will read through the thread on the ticket and generate a response on your behalf, based on the instructions you have configured. You will be able to review and amend the automated response on the action preview screen before sending it to the end-user.

Adding ChatGPT to the Halo Chat Bot

We have also added in the ability for the Halo Chat Bot to reply using ChatGPT, providing your end-users with a more personalized and engaging support experience. Much like the previous use cases, a system message is set to tell ChatGPT how to behave, and then ChatGPT will generate and send a response to the end-user based off the given instructions and the conversation so far. The user will then have the ability to end the conversation with ChatGPT and follow the rest of the Halo Chat Bot flow.

Custom Integrations and Integration Runbooks

HaloITSM also provides the option to create custom integrations and integration runbooks, further extending the use cases of integrating with ChatGPT. A system-use ChatGPT Integration Record has been added which shares the API Key as the built-in integration and will show when the ChatGPT module is enabled. This also comes with an example of how to use the OpenAI API to ask ChatGPT a question and map the response to an Output Variable.

By leveraging the power of AI in combination with HaloITSM, your organization can provide its users with improved customer service and support, while also streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. With the ability to customize and extend the integration, you have the flexibility to tailor the end-user’s experience to their specific needs.

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