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Shifting Focus: How does KCS work?

What is KCS?

KCS (Knowledge centered support) is a methodology that focuses on knowledge as a key asset to any organization, KCS has become the tech industry's buzzword. KCS, Knowledge centered support is not considered an addition to any solvent more so the way in which you resolve the issues. As many companies worldwide use ITIL® to manage their services and support those services. ITIL® is helpful and tells the user what to do not how to do it or who in the organization or team should do it.

Expert Opinion

ComAround, an expert in knowledge management has stated, “KCS aims to improve, develop and manage support delivery and shows us the value of knowledge management. KCS also provides a detailed description of how the support organization should work with the knowledge base to improve the delivery of support to the business to allow the business and the support staff to become more productive and efficient. Knowledge management improves efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge. KCS has been created and is maintained by the Consortium for Service Innovation, a non-profit alliance of support organizations.”

As culture shifts in a direction of content focus, teams have been able to rely on collaborative knowledge instead of sole individual learning experiences. The service team does not have to be the only team solving ideas, which helps build better business practices. Knowledge centered support can be looked at from a loop standpoint. You must capture the knowledge to structure the knowledge then reuse the knowledge before improving the knowledge. This allows for there to be a focus on the creation aspect of the business need and improvement over time based on the demand and utilization.

Advantages & Benefits

Organizations that have implemented KCS have reported dramatic improvements in operating costs, incident/request resolution, customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, and a significant reduction in training times. ComAround has reported the following statistics regarding lower support costs, better and faster help for the business and greater job satisfaction for the support organization.

• 60% shorter time to resolve

• 50% fewer cases at the service desk

• 40% higher resolution rate on the first contact

• 30% more satisfied employees

Excalibur Data Systems helps organizations adopt the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) methodology enabling professional support organizations to achieve a competitive advantage through knowledge management and self-service. This is accompanied by strategic advisory services/workshops and software implementation services. You can read more about knowledge management at Excalibur Data Systems here:

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