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Flying High with Excalibur and Cherwell

Excalibur Data Systems took flight as a partner with Cherwell over a decade ago. The journey has been an exciting one with many twists and turns. We have had the honor of being able to work with hundreds of customers and helping them leverage the power of Cherwell to digitally transform their organizations and elevate their customer experiences. It is a privilege to be a Platinum Sponsor of Cherwell Clear 2020 Virtual and to continue to support the Cherwell community.

The Sky Is the Limit Cherwell's flexibility allows customers to drive IT operational maturity by being one of the most advanced no-code platforms on the market for enterprise service management. As a partner, Cherwell allows us to guide customers on their digital transformation journey. The flexibility of the platform allows us to create almost any process that the customer's enterprise requires because of the extensive workflow, automation, and integration capabilities. These capabilities allow us to create and continually enhance elevated customer experiences.

With the omnichannel capabilities of the Cherwell platform, any organization with the right toolset can provide a great customer experience. With customer self-service portal features like knowledge searches, virtual agents, and chat it provides a comprehensive way for the customer to interact and even self-serve should they choose to. Pair that with the extensive integration capabilities and we have found that the sky is truly the limit. With an extensive network of Technology Alliance Partners, Cherwell allows us to integrate with many best-of-breed products to provide an end-to-end solution to meet just about any need. We are very proud to be partnered with not only Cherwell but also many of these Technology Alliance Partners bringing advanced solutions and capabilities to our customers. You can find a list of our partners here.

The Excalibur Roundtable As a long-standing partner of Cherwell, just one of the many processes that we assist with customers is the Organizational Change Management necessary to effectively implement a new platform or manage continual service improvement efforts. With all the power that Cherwell affords us one of the aspects often overlooked are the challenges that come in managing the organizational change. It is very exciting to work with customers to help them understand how to manage their organizational change challenges and create effective communication strategies to minimize the “angst” of the upcoming organizational change. Read about our other process areas.

With the new features and functionality that are regularly added to the Cherwell Platform, managing the pace at which to implement these new features can be difficult. Having an effective plan will have a significant impact on leveraging new capabilities coupled with an experienced service delivery partner will help your organization succeed.

All of these are wonderful challenges to face, with a platform as capable and powerful as Cherwell. We look forward to discussing and learning about your methods to manage the power of the platform and the organizational change required to be successful.

Taking Flight As your digital transformation journey takes flight, we aspire the opportunity to join you and leverage our combined knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your journey exceeds your expectations. Remember, it is a journey—there are stops along the way, but the sky is truly the limit!

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