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Excalibur Data Systems joins HCL Technologies DRYiCE™ Software as a channel partner.

Pittsburgh, PA – August 30, 2020 – Excalibur Data Systems, a pioneer of IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with DRYiCE™ Software, HCL Technologies (HCL) focused on building industry-leading software products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations by leveraging AI and Cloud. As part of the alliance, Excalibur will be a new channel partner for DRYiCE which will help their customers enable a service-oriented enterprise.

As a channel partner, Excalibur will have the ability to offer, implement, and support the extensive range of products provided by DRYiCE. This partnership comes at a time when the shifting market conditions and customer demands are making imperative for enterprises to adapt to the changing business landscape and proactively address challenges by using IT as a strategic partner rather than an enabler. In this agile digital world, AI and Automation are going to be the key competitive differentiators as it enables enterprises to improve business outcomes and reduce costs.

“We’re proud to partner with DRYiCE Software to provide superior business outcomes to our customers” said Mike Fuson, VP of Excalibur Data Systems. “We are looking forward to helping enable enterprises across verticals to operate in a leaner, faster, and more cost-efficient manner.”

DRYiCE Software offers robust products addressing all core areas of AI and Automation, forming an entire stack of solutions that powers the digital transformation journey of an enterprise. The DRYiCE Software portfolio focuses on three core areas – AI Ops, Service Orchestration and Business Process Optimization. These products have been developed leveraging HCL’s 20 plus years of managing complex global operations experience across industries and are backed by more than eight years of AI-led research, partnership, and IP creation.

“At DRYiCE Software, our Channel Partners are a key part of a strategically driven ecosystem, who together with DRYiCE, position our customers for success both now and in the future,” said Amit Gupta, EVP & Global Head, DRYiCE Software at HCL Technologies. “With Excalibur Data Systems on-board, we will have the necessary scale to deliver the highest level of service to the customers and become more effective and competitive in the marketplace”.

About HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies (HCL) empowers global enterprises with technology for the next decade today. HCL’s Mode 1-2-3 strategy through its deep-domain industry expertise, customer-centricity, and entrepreneurial culture of ideapreneurship™ enables businesses transform into next-gen enterprises.

HCL offers its services and products through three business units - IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products & Platforms (P&P). ITBS enables global enterprises to transform their businesses through offerings in areas of Applications, Infrastructure, Digital Process Operations, and next generational digital transformation solutions. ERS offers engineering services and solutions in all aspects of product development and platform engineering while under P&P, HCL provides modernized software products to global clients for their technology and industry specific requirements. Through its cutting-edge co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities and broad global network, HCL delivers holistic services in various industry verticals, categorized under Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Services, Telecom & Media, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Public Services.

As a leading global technology company, HCL takes pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. As of 12 months ended June 30, 2020, HCL has a consolidated revenue of US $ 9.93 billion and its 150,287 ideapreneurs operate out of 49 countries.

About Excalibur Data Systems

Excalibur Data Systems leverages the Cherwell Service Management platform as its preferred ITSM/ESM technology platform, along with a host of supporting technologies to offer a complete end-to-end solution to its customers. We have been an authorized Cherwell partner since 2007, giving us over a decade of experience in delivering ITSM/ESM solutions and supporting technologies across hundreds of implementations within Canada and the US.

Our strategic partners are all best in breed technology solutions, which have seamless integration with Cherwell. This allows for a complete end-to-end solutioning for our clients no matter their business needs. We believe in developing long term partnerships with our customers, and we measure our success by our client’s success in helping them achieve their goals. Visit our website to learn more about our strategic partnerships:

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