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Common Questions Answered: HaloITSM

Excalibur Data Systems has partnered with Halo Service Solutions to bring intuitive ITSM/ESM Software to our customers. HaloITSM provides a platform to help customers streamline their entire IT Service Management lifecycle from incident, service request, Change Management, Problem Management, CMDB, Knowledge Management, and many more process areas. The HaloITSM platform includes a full feature set of capabilities aligned with best-practice workflows. Additionally, HaloITSM has extensive integrations with third-party applications to support the end-to-end needs of customers.

As ITSM teams are experiencing a new set of challenges brought about by the pandemic. The future of work is on the horizon, but do you have the right platform to succeed? A cost-effective, robust, and flexible solution is required to continue to provide high-quality service. HaloITSM is a next-generation, high-performance platform that takes the customer experience, from the technician to the customer self-service portal to new heights.

In April 2021, we hosted a joint webinar. You can view that recording by clicking here.

We took the most frequently asked questions about HaloITSM and answered them below.

  • We know not every implementation is the same but generally how long does it take to implement HaloITSM?

    • Not all implementations are the same but for a standard implementation of 100 agents, it would take on average 3 months. However, the schedule is flexible. If needed, we can make this process quicker or extend it over a longer period of time.

  • Is HaloITSM available On-prem and SaaS?

    • HaloITSM is both an On-Premise and SaaS-hosted solution.

  • How does HaloITSM help organizations meet their compliance requirements?

    • HaloITSM is built upon a Microsoft SQL Server Database – all changes including tickets and configurations are auditable. As an ITSM tool, HaloITSM is ISO27001 certified.

  • What types of integrations does HaloITSM offer?

  • What would be involved in migrating from another system to HaloITSM? Specifically, a system that would have many custom fields and custom processes? Is there any sort of Import option?

    • The migration process from another system to HaloITSM is seamless. For example, if you are coming from ServiceNow, we have a 1-click import option, making the process simple and fast.

  • Is your solution completely web-based or will software need to be installed locally?

    • HaloITSM is completely web-based.

  • How much training is required to be proficient with HaloITSM from a new customer?

    • In terms of training, we like to do this in a workshop style during the implementation process. However, if you are looking for dedicated training sessions, you can be proficient with only a few days of training. We have gained common feedback from customers about how modern and intuitive HaloITSM is, which makes it extremely easy to configure.

  • Does HaloITSM have automation features?

    • Yes, HaloITSM has its own workflow builder with drag and drop features.

Interested in learning more about HaloITSM? Visit our product page by clicking here.

Get your FREE 30-day trial by clicking here.

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