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Excalibur Data Systems and Cherwell Host First Halifax Event

August 21, 2019, 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM

CUT Steakhouse Halifax, NS, Canada

Enterprise Service Transformation: Making Work Flow

As digital transformation moves from vision to reality, many organizations are still struggling with manual, disconnected processes. Gaps between systems, people, and functional groups limit progress and stifle the cross-functional innovation needed to produce true transformation. To help others understand the gap, Excalibur Data Systems and strategic partner Cherwell hosted a event in Halifax, Canada.

Don Ryan, Cherwell Account Manager - Eastern Canada

IT teams that are leading the charge in the digital era recognize that service transformation is a prerequisite to digital transformation. They are adopting solutions that integrate systems, automate enterprise-wide workflows, and offer a collaboration platform that transcends functional silos. They are providing shared services through the deployment of enterprise portals and service catalogs, creating a frictionless and unified service experience that boosts productivity and makes work flow.

The event was centered around helping IT leaders transform their approach to service management, and discover the role the Cherwell Service Platform plays in their unique journeys toward real digital transformation.

A customer of Excalibur Data Systems, New Brunswick Community College spoke at the event about their implementation process. Catherine McBride, Acting Director of Information Solutions at New Brunswick Community College stated, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invite and the very well organized event in Halifax. It was very well executed with a diverse set of perspectives around Cherwell and high-level array of participants. I was honored to be invited to speak to the experience New Brunswick Community College has had with its implementation of Cherwell and the success we have enjoyed with this platform as our ITSM. It is the first time we have had a platform that meets the needs of both staff and students, and works efficiently for Departments outside of IT, such as Finance and Facilities. I am excited about the vision for Cherwell, and continued guidance and expertise from Excalibur to take advantage of the upcoming features and growth of the platform."

After presentations from Cherwell and New Brunswick Community College, Excalibur Data System's Rob Goguen, President of Excalibur Data Systems Canada, spoke of considerations of the implementation process. These included:

  • Pain Points and Gain Points

  • Identify Gaps in Process

  • Don't boil the Ocean

  • Be Prepared for Change

  • Create Hype

  • Platform Configuration Reflects Process

  • Invest in Continual Service Improvement

Excalibur Data Systems is looking forward to hosting more events like these. If you'd like more information regarding the presentation, please reach out to

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