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Problem Management Software

Problem Management aims to help organizations identify the root cause of Incidents.  By establishing a permanent resolution, an established workaround, or simply communicating a known error and a workaround, engaging the Problem Management process is critical to smooth enterprise operation.  In many organizations, Problem Management is performed informally and/or without an established method for proper content creation and identifying relationships to documented symptoms. 


HaloITSM solves this challenge, not only providing a formal storage mechanism but by also providing an in-line process presence. IT staffers can link Problem records directly to various ticket types (and vice versa) and will help identify possible pre-existing Problem records for use in the Incident Management process.


Problem Management Software

  • Nominate incidents as possible Problem Management records. 

  • Escalate incidents to a problem at the click of a button, with intelligent linking.

  • Track all activity on the problem, from creation to closure, with granular reporting.

  • Attach multiple incidents to a problem, and update all incidents from the problem in one click.

  • Track all root cause analysis activity for the problem to assist in final problem resolution.

  • Share problem resolutions and known errors with your team and end-users through your Knowledge Base at the click of a button.

  • Link problem activity against configuration items to better understand service impacts and the historical activity for those configuration items.

  • Track activity for problems and their related incidents for ease of management across multiple departments.

  • Track all problems with key information directly from a single view.

  • Audit all activity throughout the problem lifecycle for full transparency and quality control purposes.

  • Extensive reporting capabilities available on all data captured.

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