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Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational know-how.  Knowledge Management is critical to establishing credible and collaborative data and information for the benefit of end-users and IT staffers alike.


Using HaloITSM, efforts to design and improve upon a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration will be done with ease and simplicity.  Just-in-time, within-the-workflow knowledge prompts to ease the information compilation process, but also provide opportunities to introduce new knowledge that is in demand.

  • Full search capabilities include title, content, resolution, and other fields you can define. 

  • Rich text formatting capabilities allow you to add pictures, videos, and custom formatting. 

  • Ability to prompt the technician to consider creating a knowledge base article when closing an incident. 

  • Audit all activity throughout the knowledge article lifecycle for full transparency and quality control purposes.

  • Set a review date to ensure article completeness, accuracy, and relevancy.  

  • Link attachments to the article.

  • Access the knowledge base from multiple places throughout the platform. 

  • Create a knowledge article directly from a closed record, using the summary, details, and resolution as the basis for the article.

  • All knowledge articles are set to PRIVATE on creation, your teams can choose which ones are available o the end-user portal.​​

  • HaloITSM has the ability to suggest articles to the end-user before they submit the record.

  • Allow end-users to vote on the usefulness of articles. 

Knowledge Management Software

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