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Incident Management Software

The purpose of Incident Management is to provide an established method to restore normal operation as quickly as possible in response to an event that yields adverse effect on business operations.  On a personnel level, this means an impact on productivity or getting things done.

HaloITSM provides an easily customizable Incident Management interface that adheres to the ITIL Service Desk standard. This allows administrators to establish quick, at-your-fingertips workflows to track calls and varying ticket types, capture critical - and often unique - information about an issue, and maintain a process standard.


  • Specify default values i.e. categories, priorities, SLAs, and mailboxes at the incident/ service request type-level before they are created.

  • Escalate incidents to problems at the click of a button, with intelligent linking.

  • Track all activity on the incident/service request, from creation to closure, with granular reporting.

  • Attach multiple incidents to a problem, and update all incidents from the problem in one click.

  • Manually create incidents and attach to open problems immediately through smart identification.

  • Share incident resolutions with your team and end-users through your Knowledge Base at the click of a button.

  • Link incident activity against configuration items to better understand service impacts and the historical activity for those configuration items.

  • Track activity for major incidents and their related incidents for ease of management across multiple departments.

  • Track all incidents with key information directly from a single view.

  • Audit all activity throughout the incident lifecycle for full transparency and quality control purposes.

  • Extensive reporting capabilities available on all data captured. 

Incident Management Software

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