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Configuration Management Software (CMDB)

Configuration Management is the process that helps organizations maintain the information about, and the relationships between, enterprise assets that are critical to service delivery.  When utilized as a part of comprehensive end-to-end Service Management processes, Configuration Management can be harnessed reactively and proactively, from identifying impacted devices during a service outage to communicating about targeted devices and their dependencies during maintenance, change, or release efforts.


HaloITSM not only provides a way to create this content manually but to interface with third-party platforms to utilize established asset content maintained in separate systems.

  • Specify your own asset groups and types based on your organizational needs.

  • Track all configuration item changes to facilitate detailed auditing.

  • Link assets together to provide upstream and downstream dependency mapping and impact analysis.

  • Leverage configuration item data to remotely connect and/or manage via utility of your choosing. 

  • Link configuration items to other related data, such as supplier, warranty, claims, costings, contracts, recurring billing, etc.

  • Auto-generate maintenance requests to validate data at regular intervals to ensure the accuracy of records.

  • Link any type of document to the configuration item, such as PDF manuals, Visio room plans, detailed technical specifications, etc.

  • Retain configuration data following decommissioning of a configuration item.

  • Extensive reporting capabilities available on all data captured.

Configuration Management Software

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