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ITSM Mobile App for End-Users and Technicians.

sigmaGO offers boundaryless turn-key mobile solution for Customer Self-Service and Technicians.

It’s easy to use interface allows interaction with Service Requests, Incidents, Problems,
Knowledge Articles, Approvals, and any Enterprise Service Management applications.

Our one-stop shopping application:
• Allows customers to easily interact with support analysts with built-in chat capability
• Improves customer satisfaction surveys scores
• Simplifies entry of requests, improving customer accuracy and driving KPI metrics
• Can be deployed quickly across your entire organization
• Enables your workforce to be nimbler and more flexible with push notifications and location-based requests
• Access to real-time journals, notes, and comments on requests; it empowers Analysts with more accurate data to drive decisions
• sigmaGO natively leverages mobile device capabilities: location services, camera and gallery, barcode scanning, biometric and facial authentication, voice-to-text, voice calling, mapping services, device level push notifications, and others.

sigmaGO is a turnkey managed solution that gives your Customers easy access
to everything they need in Cherwell Service Management from anywhere and at any time.

sigmaGO’s Mobile-as-a-Service platform features include:
• Intuitive, user friendly, responsive interfaces
• Full-featured searching across the application
• Supports Cherwell SaaS, on-premise, and public cloud environments
• Integrates via the Cherwell RestAPI and requires no middleware or dedicated servers
• Our applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS reduce complexity and streamline your processes to simplify the customer experience

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