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ITSM Mobile App for End-Users and Technicians.

sigmaGO offers boundaryless turn-key mobile solution for Customer Self-Service and Technicians.

It’s easy to use interface allows interaction with Service Requests, Incidents, Problems,
Knowledge Articles, Approvals, and any Enterprise Service Management applications.

Our one-stop shopping application:
• Allows customers to easily interact with support analysts with built-in chat capability
• Improves customer satisfaction surveys scores
• Simplifies entry of requests, improving customer accuracy and driving KPI metrics
• Can be deployed quickly across your entire organization
• Enables your workforce to be nimbler and more flexible with push notifications and location-based requests
• Access to real-time journals, notes, and comments on requests; it empowers Analysts with more accurate data to drive decisions
• sigmaGO natively leverages mobile device capabilities: location services, camera and gallery, barcode scanning, biometric and facial authentication, voice-to-text, voice calling, mapping services, device level push notifications, and others.

sigmaGO is a turnkey managed solution that gives your Customers easy access
to everything they need in Cherwell Service Management from anywhere and at any time.

sigmaGO’s Mobile-as-a-Service platform features include:
• Intuitive, user friendly, responsive interfaces
• Full-featured searching across the application
• Supports Cherwell SaaS, on-premise, and public cloud environments
• Integrates via the Cherwell RestAPI and requires no middleware or dedicated servers
• Our applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS reduce complexity and streamline your processes to simplify the customer experience

Booker: A Conference Room Reservation System For The Cherwell Platform

Booker: A Conference Room Reservation System For The Cherwell Platform

sigmaGO in partnership with Excalibur Data Systems has created a mobile solution for Excalibur Data Systems/ Conference Room Booking mApp that leverages the Cherwell platform. The solution includes a fully configured turn-key mobilized native Android/iOS app that enables you to reserve/book and manages conference rooms. The mApp created by Excalibur Data Systems is available for download on the Cherwell Marketplace. Join us as we walk through many of the key features of both the mApp and mobile solution! Meet Our Presenters: Michael Estep is an IT veteran with more than 26 years of experience in the IT and IT Service Management services delivery and Customer Support fields. Michael brings knowledge that spans the entire lifecycle of solutions implementation from solution design to go-live. Michael has created innovative workflows and processes through his 10 years of service within the framework of Cherwell Service Management and thrives on streamlining workflow and support processes to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Seedhar Reddy, 18+ years of industry experience with a core focus on ITSM/ESM and extensive knowledge of Cherwell's platform. Sreedhar oversees sigmaGO's product offerings which reinvent the CX (Customer Experience) with solutions that enhance the users' engagement and experience. sigmaGO's products improve the utilization of browser and mobile self-service experience which elevates the customer adoption of self-help and self-heal strategies. It’s all about saving those 2 clicks and 2 seconds to engage customers to get the most ROI and ROE (Return on Experience).
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