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DRYiCE™ is a dedicated and rapidly growing software division of HCL that delivers best-in-class implementations of AI for enterprises. Our exclusive products and platforms enable enterprises to operate in a leaner, faster, and cost-efficient manner while ensuring superior business outcomes. The vision that drives us: - AI-Led Service Assurance - Driving Enterprise-Wide Digital Agility - Enabling a Service Oriented Enterprise - Business Flow Intelligence

Hot topics for MSP’s in 2021 – Automation, SLA’s, and Knowledge Transfer

Hot topics for MSP’s in 2021 – Automation, SLA’s, and Knowledge Transfer

In today's environment, with increased demand for remote operations, automated remediation is more critical than ever. There are a current set of challenges with personnel being remote, and the problems get compounded exponentially. The ability to “tap the shoulder” or “conference room huddle”, while not always the most efficient, is no longer an option. DRYiCE's product iAutomate can help Managed Service Providers improve SLA performance and increase productivity through facilitated knowledge sharing and smart search. Join us on January 14th, 2PM EDT as we discuss the hot topics for MSP's in 2021! In this webinar we will cover: - Increase operational efficiency by automating mundane tasks - Better triage and faster MTTR with remediation suggestions - Shift left and handle higher ticket volumes at lower levels of support - Improve availability and performance by removing human error Our presenters: Raj Jathar, AVP Solution Engineering and Technical Sales of HCL - DRYiCE Software. Raj has over 25 years of experience in Technology and IT, in both pre- and post-sales roles in a variety of different capacities, including Technical Sales, Customer Success, Professional Services and Product Management. Prior to DRYiCE Raj was with CloudHealth Tech (VMware), SevOne (Turbonomic) and CA Inc (Broadcom). Mike Fuson of Excalibur Data Systems is a veteran of multiple ITSM toolsets. He has spent the past 20+ years working with customers to leverage their toolsets to improve their processes. He has been working with Cherwell Service Management since it’s very early days on the market. He is a Cherwell consultant and instructor and possesses every certification Cherwell Software has available, and even a few he has made up. When he isn’t working with a customer to make the Cherwell Service Management do wild and crazy things, he is coming up with his next idea to make Cherwell Service Management do wild and crazy things.
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