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ConnectNow is the future of Web Chat

Improve your Customer Experience with our skills-based webchat that ensures the right subject matter experts are available at the right time to provide the right answers to end-user queries and incidents.


As web-based chat moves to the preferred channel of communication for users, ConnectNow is the new Web Chat system that can communicate with multiple users and agents at a time, hence significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.


Utilizing the latest technology, ConnectNow extends the concept of on-line chatting into an indispensable tool specifically designed for the end-user and support desk.



  • Advice from knowledge experts

  • Secure conversations

  • Focus around their user needs

  • Faster fix times

  • Access to the chat history

  • Intelligent self-help



  • Process more incidents

  • Intelligent enhanced routing

  • Create additional support capacity

  • Vastly improve existing services

  • Configurable work hours

  • Improved performance



  • Seamlessly integrate to CRM

  • Powerful data mining 

  • Trend analysis 

  • Wallboards

  • SLA’s and KPI management  

  • Alerts

  • Dynamic configurations

  • Front page messages to your users

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