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ConnectNow is the future of Web Chat

Improve your Customer Experience with our skills-based webchat that ensures the right subject matter experts are available at the right time to provide the right answers to end-user queries and incidents.


As web-based chat moves to the preferred channel of communication for users, ConnectNow is the new Web Chat system that can communicate with multiple users and agents at a time, hence significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.


Utilizing the latest technology, ConnectNow extends the concept of on-line chatting into an indispensable tool specifically designed for the end-user and support desk.



  • Advice from knowledge experts

  • Secure conversations

  • Focus around their user needs

  • Faster fix times

  • Access to the chat history

  • Intelligent self-help



  • Process more incidents

  • Intelligent enhanced routing

  • Create additional support capacity

  • Vastly improve existing services

  • Configurable work hours

  • Improved performance



  • Seamlessly integrate to CRM

  • Powerful data mining 

  • Trend analysis 

  • Wallboards

  • SLA’s and KPI management  

  • Alerts

  • Dynamic configurations

  • Front page messages to your users

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Why service-based chat with ConnectNow is a game-changer | Webinar

Why service-based chat with ConnectNow is a game-changer | Webinar

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, IT needs a powerful strategy for service and support to meet the challenges of remote engagement. Self-service on the IT Service Desk is no longer a new concept – 70-80% of IT service desks having implemented some form of self-service technology often with limited success. You need a modern IT service management strategy to support your organization's remote shift. Join us for our upcoming webinar with ConnectNow, a web-based service-oriented chat platform. In this webinar you can expect to learn: • How to enhance and supercharge your customer experience • How omnichannel capabilities will further your ITSM goals • What is ConnectNow and why it can be such a game-changing technology for your service goals Meet the speakers: Ash Carr of ConnectNow is a self-confessed tech-obsessive and has been ripping PCs apart and messing with code since his early teens. Ash spent several years working in a large Service Desk for a large, global bank and worked as a senior analyst. In this position, Ash gained invaluable experience and insight into the inner workings of a large-scale Service Desk environment. Pursuing his true passion for software development, Ash has spearheaded the development of ConnectNow, using the lessons learned to build a platform tailored for Support from the ground up based on real-world use cases. Mike Fuson of Excalibur Data Systems is a veteran of multiple ITSM/ESM toolsets and supporting technologies. He has spent the past 20+ years working with customers to leverage their tools to improve their processes. He is a consultant and instructor and possesses many certifications, and even a few he has made up. When he isn’t working with a customer to make their tools do wild and crazy things, he is coming up with his next idea to make the tools do wild and crazy things. Visit to learn more.
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