Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping 

The Key to CMDB Success 

The fastest path to modeling application and service dependencies? 

  • Automated discovery of IT services and dependency mapping

  • Federation to Cherwell CMDB for accurate, easy service documentation

  • Passive network listening identifies change in real-time

  • Application dependency discovery, minus the effort

FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) gives organizations a clear and timely view of IT Service configuration!


  • Automatically identifying the IT services that users are consuming 

  • Using their infrastructure dependencies from applications down to the network

  • Continually refining this picture as infrastructure changes take place

Boost your confidence in configuration data by automating the mapping of your critical IT services and their dependencies, including application, physical and virtual elements.

Cloud-Based Delivery, as Easy as it Gets. 

FireScope Stratis 

  • Cloud-based, enterprise scale IT service monitoring 

  • Big Data drive advanced IT operations and predictive analytics

  • Single view of infrastructure and end-user performance 

  • Real-time dashboards for everyone from the CIO to System Engineer 

Users have higher expectations for application performance and reliability

  • IT requires better visibility to identify and trace problems at the earliest possible moment 

  • FireScope provides unparalleled cloud-based monitoring across the entire IT stack

  • Offering Enterprise scalability without the effort or high cost of traditional enterprise monitoring suites 

One Platform, Many Benefits 

  • Centralize network, application, virtualization, user experience, storage and IT service monitoring into a single platform.

  • Automatically map IT service dependencies and apply best practice monitoring without adding to your workload.

  • Eliminate event storms such as when a single switch fails and you receive hundreds of notifications.

  • Rapid time to value through cloud-based delivery, with your first dashboards ready on day-one.

  • Integration with many popular Service Desk solutions improves collaboration between IT Operations and Service Management teams.

  • Communicate the ongoing value that IT provides to the business to every level (CxO, Business Line Owners, and IT).

One Platform, Many Benefits 

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